About Leading Transformation

Leading Transformation helps leaders take charge of the future of their organization through an innovative yet proven process for creating breakthrough change.

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Broken down into three steps—envisioning the possible, breaking down resistance, and prototyping the future—the book outlines cutting edge tools and processes to override powerful habits and routines that prevent leaders and organizations from adapting for the future.

Using tools such as science fiction, applied neuroscience, and experimental design, readers learn how to create a trojan horse for change within their organization by breaking down big initiatives into real, tangible steps that add up to major transformation.

Packed with inspirational stories, counterintuitive approaches, and practical tools, Leading Transformation is an absolute must read for executives facing disruptive change.
— Scott D. Anthony, Senior Partner, Innosight and author of Dual Transformation and The Little Black Book of Innovation

A Visionary New Toolkit To:

Envision the possible

Harness the power of science fiction and comic books to create strategic narratives for the future of your organization.

Break down resistance

Overcome incremental thinking and decision-making bottlenecks with applied neuroscience.

Prototype the future

Use tools like experimental design and artifact trails to navigate unfamiliar territory and inspire teams to realize your boldest missions.

Learn more about the new field of Behavioral Transformation and the framework of the book.

Leading Transformation gives business leaders new and practical tools required to make real behavior change.
— Marc Goodman, NYTimes Best-selling author of Future Crimes